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Daizi, you are an absolute star. Thank you so much for what you have done in getting all us girls prepped and beautified for my wedding. Having you there on the day was amazing and... more...

Ailie - 5 months ago

How do you do it Daizi ?? You are so clever - my nails & lashes are amazing. Loved my relaxing time on your heated bed ! Elizabeth x

Elizabeth - a month ago

Hybrid Lashes Full Set* with Daizi Reynolds

As always,, Daizi does a absolutely fabulous job of my lashes making me in turn feel absolutely fabulous again! She is so talented and welcoming and added bonus, I get to have cudd... more...

Kel - 2 months ago

Eyebrow Wax with Daizi Reynolds

Absolutely fantastic service as always! Feel amazing x would highly recommend the lovely Daizi to anyone xxx

Alex - 2 months ago

Lovely to have nice red nails again. Marigolds at the ready ! Thank you Daizi.

Elizabeth - 2 months ago

Amazing to have you back!! Back to normality with lovely nails, beautiful eyelashes, therapy & Isla between my legs!!! Happy Friday? Yes indeed ❤️

Tracy - 2 months ago

You are forbidden from leaving the country ever again! I missed you making me pretty! Loving the lash lift as ever and the tint and shape eyebrows. Just that simple enhancement mak... more...

Stella - 2 months ago

Hybrid Lashes Maintenance* with Daizi Reynolds

Thank goodness Daizi is back from her travels ! My lashes look and feel fabulous there is just nobody else who craft lashes like Daizi 💕💕💕

Alison - 2 months ago

Russian Eyelash Extension Maintenance with Daizi Reynolds

Fabulous lashes once again! Thanks Daizi.

Zoe - 2 months ago

I am sorry u had ur work cut out for you today but.. I feel absolute new woman.. u r the best thank you x

Sarah - 2 months ago

Hybrid Lashes Maintenance* with Daizi Reynolds

Lovely to have you back,thanks for my lovely lashes.

Jeanette - 2 months ago

Fantastic service. Thank you x

Gill - 3 months ago

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